The Molecular Science Project
Learning Units

The Molecular Science Project has developed three types of learning units.
Click on the learning units to tour them in more detail and obtain access to use them in your own courses.

Calibrated Peer Review™
  • Internet-delivered instructional and assignment management tool
  • Integrates writing assignments into a class
  • Nearly eliminates instructor's grading time--students do the grading
  • Can be used in courses in nearly any subject and level
  • UCLA server contains many ready-to-use assignments
  • Instructors can publish their assignments online for other instructors to use
  • Downloadable software, animations, and tutorials on chemistry topics
  • Designed to give more learning freedom to students
  • Provides students the chance to learn by formulating and testing their own hypotheses
  • Students learn via trial and error
  • Students see the results of their decisions as they progress through each Exploration