The Molecular Science Project

Project Title 
Institution Title
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
Orville Chapman
Co-Principal Investigator 
Associate Dean of Educational Innovation
Arlene Russell Co-Principal Investigator Lecturer
  Stephen Michael Schimpf Calibrated Peer Review
Senior Programmer
Programmer / Analyst III
Tim Su
Calibrated Peer Review
Technical Support
Staff Research Assistant
California State University Fullerton (CSUF)
Barbara Gonzalez
Science Education Consultant
Assistant Professor
  Pat Wegner Co-Principal Investigator Professor 
New Roads School, Santa Monica, California
  Joe Wise Calibrated Peer Review
Center for Effective Learning
*Past MolSci Project Members*
Marisa Monreal
Marisa was the Project Assistant for the MolSci Project.  She is currently working on her graduate degree in chemistry.
Krista Motschiedler Brand
Krista was the Calibrated Peer Review Assignment Editor with the MolSci Project. She is now a Professor at La Sierra University.
James Rudd
James was a postdoctoral fellow and the Calibrated Peer Review Evaluator with the MolSci Project. He is now an Assistant Professor at California State University Los Angeles.